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I am a classed as a keyworker so appointments are unaffected by the lockdown restrictions.

Women’s Health

Hannah Hilton Osteopathy

Women’s health

Through your life, your health as a woman is characterised by different stages, each producing unique physical and hormonal demands on the body. From adolescence, where the body grows and changes rapidly as it transitions into adulthood, through fertility, pregnancy and child rearing, to the further hormonal changes of menopause and the slowing of old age, every stage can present its own challenges.

Osteopathy For Women's Health

As a specialist in osteopathy and women’s health, I can help you whatever stage of life you are at, whether you are struggling with the changes of adolescence, or want to stay fit and flexible to play with your grandchildren. Osteopathy can help to ease cramps, aches and pains, keep your joints flexible and pain free, and keep your body balanced, improving everything from circulation to digestion.

The importance of the pelvic floor

Many women experience pelvic pain and associated problems, but suffer in silence because of embarrassment or fear of invasive procedures. As a specialist in women’s health osteopathy, I am trained to observe your patterns of movement and assess how well your pelvic floor is functioning.

The muscles of the pelvic floor support the bladder, bowel and reproductive organs, and can often be the key to addressing a range of women’s health problems. I can show you how to ease the pressure on your pelvic floor and strengthen these crucial muscles to provide better support, helping to ease symptoms such as continence issues, pelvic pain and sexual sensation problems.

Unique specialist training

As one of only around forty people in the world to have completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Women’s Health Osteopathy, I can offer you a unique level of specialist knowledge and support.

The course was taught by renowned women’s health experts from across Europe and Canada, and provided a level of understanding, specific to women’s health, which is far beyond the standard osteopathy training of most practitioners.